Thursday, October 30, 2008

Conservative blogger doesn't think Obama will destroy the US!

Rick Moran, who blogs at Rightwing Nuthouse, is an unusually rational and thoughtful man and, as such, has written a rational and thoughtful post stating that "If Elected, Obama will be My President."

OK, now this shouldn't be such a shock but the rabid masses in the right wing blogosphere can't seem to come down from their anti-Obama frenzy long enough to form a coherent thought. Read here to see the opprobrium (mildly formulated) heaped upon this poor soul for such a basic and expected statement.

Hey, I'm prepared to say that McCain, should he pull of a last minute election victory, would also be "my President." In fact, prior to the hideous campaign he has run for our sole national office I might even have been mildly enthusiastic about a McCain presidency. . . well aside from the potential for packing the supreme court, oh . . . and that little thing about the war and, well, abortion rights, gay rights and, well. . . I guess most issues aside from the environment and campaign financing reform. OK, maybe not enthusiastic. Still, I think we all must rally behind our new President, whoever he may be, in these very trying times. our country and the world face massive systemic challenges and no one individual or party will be able to handle it.

That doesn't mean I will sit idly by while a President McCain pursues policies to which I am opposed. I wouldn't expect that of the opposition either.

Hopefully we can all come back from the overly polarizing politics of the past 15 years and work together for the good of our country. Most signs are not good. Even supposedly "mainstream" right wing publications such as The National Review and The Weekly Standard have spewn forth hysterically anti-Obama diatribes on an ongoing basis. Rick Moran is the counterpoint, an encouraging sign that overcoming this relentless polarization is possible. Unfortunately, I wonder how much influence he and his like have over an increasingly detached and virulently extreme right wing. I fear the answer is, little.

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