Friday, November 14, 2008

Update on Colorado "Person" amendment

In all the crush of election news I just about forgot about Colorado's noxious cell clump personhood amendment. Well, Coloradans weren't fooled by this poorly disguised anti-abortion amendment and, as Americans have almost universally done in the past few elections, expressed their absolute rejection at the polls.

Despite the fact that this amendment gathered little more than a third of the votes in any individual county, you can be certain the sponsors will be back again to waste taxpayer money, insult our intelligence and test our patience with another ballot measure. As long as they can muster the signatures required they will attempt to wear us down until a women's right to choose is history.

Hear this, American's want abortion to be safe, legal and, as was famously said, rare! We don't want them performed in back alleys. Put your efforts into better health care and education for both men and women so we can avoid unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Make sure that there are other options available and take care of all the babies already on this earth who don't have adequate food, shelter and health care.

Ah well, wasted words I'm certain.

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